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I’m  Cissy Mathews and I am so happy to share Tidbits of Joy with you. When I started this blog I was married to the most amazing kind man Bill Mathews.  I am sad to say that the Lord took Bill home after a long fight with Lewy Body Dementia last year 2020.  My life has certainly changed forever, but I know God has a future planned for me, one to give me hope and one filled with His Joy.  I am so glad to be able to blog again and share my love of cooking and hospitality. That will look different for me now without Bill’s wonderful help.  I do so love cooking for others and I know God will give me the energy and Grace to do it alone.   

I am a self-taught cook and hostess.  I really enjoy all things kitchen, especially having dinner parties complete with table decorations and delicious, healthy food. I am most happy when I have friends and family around my table but I must admit I do like showing them my latest kitchen gadgets, recipes, and things that make my kitchen function easily and makes my kitchen a JOYFUL place.   My friends call me “The Gadget Queen”.   I can’t wait to share some of my favorite ” Tidbit Gadgets” with you. 

I am also passionate about helping women be comfortable in their kitchens, so they will have friends and family over without being so stressed.  I am looking forward to helping you find quick and easy ways that will work with your busy life .  I hope to mentor and encourage you to embrace the art of hospitality in a practical way to make memories in your home especially in your kitchen.  

I have led and taught hands on cooking classes, the art of folding napkins, flower arranging and setting a beautiful table to many women.  By learning hospitality skills we can bring  joy into our homes and then that joy can overflow to all those who enter in.

We all know everyone gathers in the kitchen.  Why is that?  It is a place filled with Joy and MEMORIES!  

When I am not in my kitchen I am busy blogging, study God’s word,  working in my garden, embroidering pretty much anything I can sew on and playing golf.  

I started Tidbits of Joy in the fall of 2013 because I was encouraged by a dear friend and by the wonderful women who helped with Apples of Gold,  a ministry we did together mentoring young women in the lessons of  Titus 2 and hospitality skills..  I wanted to blog all the recipes we served during the 7 weeks they were with us.  The thought being Tidbits of Joy would be a good source for them when they start cooking in their own kitchens.  I am slowly working on that, the problem is I didn’t know a thing about a blog site and then certainly not taking photos of the recipes.  I am a work in progress as is this site. I can cook and have made some of these recipes for years so I could just post the recipes but I think the photos are really helping our new cooks feel comfortable in making the dishes.  

I look forward to sharing with you things that bring Joy to my kitchen,  Joy to my life and especially the source of all Joy, Jesus Christ.  God Bless.

Thanks for stopping by, I am honored.

Mentoring Young Women with some of my "Best Girlfriends". We teach hospitality, cooking and mentoring classes in my home. Beautiful Group of women. I am on the front row far left.

Mentoring Young Women with some of my Girlfriends. We teach the art of hospitality, practical cooking skills ; being comfortable in your kitchen and Life Lessons from Titus 2.



Kitchen Angels  preparing for Week Two of Apples of Gold with our Dear Friend Cindy Bond, who is with the Lord – We miss you Cindy!!!

Applettes looking and their recipes for that nights meal plus many more  and getting ready for class.

Applettes looking at their recipes for that nights meal plus many more and getting ready for class. 


Applettes making “Cheeseburger in Paradise Cookies” for the Lesson on “Loving your Children” which we tied into a Kid’s Birthday Party complete with decorations and a fun meal.