kindnessI came across this poem that I think speaks to the kind heart of a cook, especially one who spreads joy and blesses others with her hospitality.   


The Kind Heart

Kindness brings such great comfort to our lives.

Even the littlest acts of kindness

have a way of spiraling into so much more.

Kindness is at the heart of cooking

and at the heart of making life great.

In little acts of kindness is the magic to transform

our lives into something wonderful.

Hospitality and bringing  joy to others through your gifts of food and making them feel special is an act of service.  When you think of hospitality as serving others it will bring  joy to you and your guests.  If you show hospitality for what is in it for you there will never be joy.  Use hospitality for God’s Glory and to make others feel welcome and special when they come to your home.  Having a friend over for coffee and listening to her, bringing your family together over a simple dinner/supper, a fancy dinner party, or a fun picnic are all showing  hospitality and kindness.  Hospitality is about making someone feel special by doing something a little extra to say to them, I am glad you are here and you bring  joy to my life.  Who can you serve this week with a joyful heart, making them feel special with your service of hospitality, kindness and great food?