Chocolate Kahlua Mousse

Are you finding 2015 is flying by already?  We had such a good time hosting lots of dinner parties at our new house during the Holidays.  Nothing like having a party to get you up and going and taking care of things around the house right?   

Here is a list of  5 things that this season of entertaining taught me. 

#5.  If you forget to plug-in the lights on your Christmas Village – probably no one but you noticed.  I was so sad when I realized I had not plugged in the lights so that the ice skater on the frozen pond could go round and round in her figure eight path and that the lights on the trees, that flashed double time and could hipe you up, were not flashing.  I learned it is more important to greet our guest with a warm welcome, let my light shine.

#4.  You can fold your napkins without ironing them.  Time was running late so I took a chance and folded the napkins without ironing and you know what they looked fine and no one noticed or at least no one said a thing.  I learned  to allow a little time to rest before our guest arrive so I am not so exhausted; better I am refreshed than the napkins are all starched and ironed. 

#3. It is alright to mix up your table decorations – use what you have.  I had a Christmas center piece and the plates were floral because we needed the sizes that came with that set of dishes.  It was truly a confusing tablescape.  I just told everyone it was a winter center piece with spring longings all round it.  We all agreed we are already tired of winter even though it had just started.  I learned to use what I have and don’t stress over not matching – who knows you may inspire someone at the party to do the same. Give them confidence to host a party without spending money on tablescapes.

#2. Your best thought out plans may be changed.  We were hosting a dinner party on a Sunday night but when one of our dear friend’s mother passed away and the funeral was on Sunday, we changed our plans.  Most of the guest wanted to attend the funeral.  The only other time the group could meet was the Friday before.  And of course I had to work that day and no way could I cook for the party.  Everyone else was busy as well, so one couple picked up take out, I set the table on Thursday night and the party happened.  It ended up being a great evening.  But more importantly our friend was touched and blessed that we made the 10 hour round trip to be with her and her family.  I learned to look for the unexpected when your plans don’t work out like you thought they would.  The 10 hour car trip gave me lots of time to spend with a special girlfriend.  We talked and talked and my husband had a relaxing time in the back seat reading and sleeping.

#1 Hospitality is a gift of love.  If you have the gift of hospitality use it to bless others without expecting an invite in return.  It robs you of the joy of hosting when you expect something in return. I learned I must always check my motive for entertaining. 

Don’t be robbed of the Joy of Hospitality.  Give the Gift out of Love for Others.

2014 taught me to lighten up, go with the flow and just do the best I can.  The real lesson is that God is in control, not me, and if I walk the path He has for me there is Joy in all things. 

Happy 2015– I hope you have  many opportunities to bless others by Giving the Gift of Hospitality 

Here’s praying all God’s Blessing for a Year of Good Health, Peace, Mercy and Joy!!!

Romans 12:12-13  NLT version

Rejoice in our confident hope.  Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.  When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them.  Always be eager to practice hospitality.

Joy Always, Cissy