When was the last time you just thought about how amazing God is?   I know we think of Him as creator and the one who sustains life.  But what about all the joy He gives each day?

My husband and I have what we call “Love Bursts” for each other.  It is when he comes to my mind or I come to his and we are filled with such overflowing love that we feel like we are going to burst.  You may have felt this way when you look at your sleeping child or grandchild, see a beautiful sunrise, sunset, rainbow or something that just takes your breath away or causing such great joy in your heart.   A “Love Burst”!

God gives us “Love Bursts” when He does something so amazing and you know it could only be Him.  He is telling us we take His breath away, He loves us and calls us His own.

When my husband and I have “Love Bursts” for each other we will call or text and simply say I had a “love burst”.  When I receive that message  it gives me a “love bursts” right back for him.  It is contagious.  

God sends us “Love Bursts” all the time, we need only to look for them and when He does it should cause us to have a “Love Bursts” right back for Him. Contagious!!!

When has God-given you a “Love Bursts”?   Will you send one back His way?

I can’t wait for my yearly spring “Love Burst” from God – The Hummingbirds!!!  Thank you Lord, sending a “Love Burst” right back your way.

Joy Always, Cissy